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"God Calls A Butterfly"History has seen three great waves of change in which investment led to entrepreneurial innovation that culminated in a great demographic shift. One that shook the world to its foundations. The first two were from hunting and gathering to farming and from farming to industry. The third from industry to information is upon us and the result is the tourist spots of yesterday being transformed into the telecommuting hubs of tomorrow.

Thus, the concept: 3rdWAVElands. Which was birthed when I read the Bible verse: “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea” that ties into the photo above that is explained a few paragraphs down. Nonetheless, this purpose of this page is not to discuss theology. It is to explain the concept.

The concept 3rdWAVElands at its core is a concept grounded in the idea that another world-wide mass migration is about to come based on what was stated above. In other words, when the focus of investment shifts from an economic system based on one fundamental type of technology to a system based on another, mass migration always results. History shows us that a few adventurous nomads began to invest in farming technologies which led to the Agricultural Revolution and resulted in a mass migration to towns.  Later, the Bourgeoise invested capital in machinery which led to the Industrial Revolution and resulted in a mass migration to cities. More recently, Silicon Valley has invested in information systems and we are in the process of another Revolution. One that everyone seeks to label none really seem to fit just yet.

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A Revolution that many think will end in disaster because of the “evils” of technology. For example, some think like the “Luddites” of old in that they see their jobs disappearing with the changing world and think their best years are behind them. Others of a more spiritual bent are more inclined to see technology induced(or not) moral decay and a coming apocalypse. Still others believe that technology is a great thing and best is yet to come.  Some of them believe that “Science alone” will lead the way and seek to end all traditions that limit the “enlightened” man. Lest not we forget the more spiritual minded of the hopeful camp who vary in their views on technology but agree that a “New Age” will arise from the ash heap of the old limited one like a Phoenix.

We put ourselves in the hope camp and truly believe that the best is yet to come. But unlike the “Science alone” and “New Age” crowds above, we believe in what the photo above says, “What the caterpillar sees as the end of his life God sees as a Butterfly.” That is because we believe we are leaving behind an age that has had many good but yet limited options and starting a new one that could be limitless. Yet, we still aspire to see an age that will view their endless possibilities as liberty checked by a love for one’s neighbor not license to exploit him. The key to true liberty, as described in the last sentence is an understanding what is lacking in all four views of the future mentioned in the last paragraph: The caterpillar does not die it is transformed into something that can fly.

All that to say this, the reason to study History is to understand the present. Moreover, when we understand the present, in its full context, we can make educated guesses about the future. This is because History repeats itself. That is in the general sense not the specific. This is because each new era builds anew upon the foundations of the old.  If all of the above is true then we know another mass migration will be a part of our current Revolution and we will see both similar and unique patterns this time around.

In regards to unique factors, one would think one factor that was prevalent in both the 1st and 2nd WAVES and in the nomadic societies that preceded them: Migration toward natural resources. Put another way, the main purpose behind migration will most certainly change. We believe the main purpose of those that will migrate as a result of our current Revolution will be seeking a life of technology induced endless possibilities. In short, they will seek not to be limited but limitless.

If the above analysis is the correct one it gives us great insight into future patterns of migration due to the current Revolution. Why? Ask yourself this question, “Where do people like to be when they are not tied down by work?”  The obvious answer is on vacation. I hear you saying, “But that is only for a few weeks at a time?” Do we forget that retirees are no longer tied down by work? Where do they go? On extended vacations for at least half the year in a second home.

Simply put, throughout History work that is based on being close to cities or towns that were either near natural resources or on trade routes between them has given mankind very limited options. This, even for the wealthy who had to be near them to run their businesses effectively. Well, all that is about to change as advances in video conferencing make the virtual office a very cost-effective and liberating option for many. Starting with Connect Class business owners that have sufficient capital to hedge against the risk associated with being the first to migrate.

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9 thoughts on “Our Vision

  1. Hi! I saw your comment w/link on RougeGovernment and I love it. Your vision is what I sell as a Realtor in SW FL. Would love to chime in more often, just join the discussion? The property tab needs to be a billboard! Really great. Glad I found this. Can I hang it in my office? Dawn Shevlin 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliment. Please hang it in your office and chime in anytime you want. SWFL will most certainly naturally benefit from what is written about here. Nonetheless, if people are pro-active this process can be sped up. So please share this site and spread the world. -Joe

  2. Well hello Marco Island! Small world isn’t it. I live on Pine Island and have loved living here in paradise since 1989. Originally from NJ. Married to a Building Contractor life under the regulation dictator has been the hardest we have ever experienced in our 23 years in business here in SWFL. Looking to get more socializing done and keep business moving. So glad to have found you! Most social networking sites do not grab my fancy, this one did due to the “property” tab! Great stuff, good job! I will come back and get involved in discussion later today. Looking forward to talking some more. I always share the good stuff! Thanks. Dawn

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