On the previous page we discussed the concept 3rdWAVElands and how the virtual office is creating a demographic shift among small business owners.  On this page we present 20 questions for discussion that will become The Social Guide To Property Investment Beyond the Horizon.

Many websites out there today come from the perspective of one who has all the answers. Truth be told, the world is changing at such a rapid pace most of the time even the experts are groping in the dark. Here at 3rdWAVElands we recognize this. Thus the intent of our site is not to provide answers but to ask questions that provoke thought and elevate the level of discussion. In short, it is a social guide. Meaning it is a social media era discussion driven guide that will continually transform itself as new questions arise. Below are the guiding questions:

Social Media- 

Are social media connectedness and the virtual office going to fundamentally change the face of business?

If so, what changes are ahead for the small business world?

How will these changes affect where small business owners invest in property?

How will this shift in investment dollar affect our economy?


Will social media help restore Free Markets and allow small business to compete with Corporations?

Which of the two will be the best source of job creation as a result?

How will the answer to this question affect the working class?

Does the working class benefit more from a socialistic or capitalistic society?


Who has it more right the Tea Party or Occupy?

Is the Tea Party anti-progress?

Is the progressive income tax fairness or theft?

Does the libertarian wing of the Tea Party symbolize liberty or license?


What ideas launched the modern world and where did they come from?

Was America founded to be a Secular or Christian Nation?

Based on this what does it mean to get back to the Constitution?

How will the answer to this affect property rights moving forward?


What is property and who decides?

Is there an inalienable right to property?

If so, is it our responsibility to protect it?

What does one need to know in order to protect his property investment from those that would harm it?

To find out more about the Social Guide fill of the form below:


Click here to read about Property in its historical, philosophical, and theological context…

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