Business To Business Social Networking

Light Bulb BusinessSince this is a “social” guide that seeks to extend the discussion on the topics covered on this blog to social media platforms I utilize, I have decided to do more posts containing excerpts from my business to business social networking efforts. This to highlight its importance in the Social Media Age. Below is relevant excerpts from one of the better discussions that relates generally to business, but more specifically, to property management. It was with group manager of a Real Estate Linkedin group.

But first let me give you a little context. I shared a link in the Linkedin group and he sent me a kind and well deserved message about not just sending links to the group and stated his preference that I start or join discussions instead. In short, because of a lack of time I was doing what I would tell others not to do that goes against the grain of the whole idea of having a social guide. I was talking to his group by megaphone not telephone. Anyway, we sent a few messages back and forth about my lack of time and Group Manager’s insistence that the group discussions would benefit me.

To test the waters, I asked him to look over my two websites and give some feedback and in return I would invest some time in the group. It goes without saying since I mentioned him in the beginning that he actually did what one in a million do: He visited both my sites, read enough that I know he spent some quality time there, got back to me in a timely manner, and asked me a few questions that blew through a gap in our message that we thought we had closed on our 3rdWAVElands Property Services site.

After some back and forth on a few messages it finally clicked how to close the gap. Continue reading

How Social Media Is Changing The Face of Business

The story-line told across the tabs of the pages above ends with the ambition of this site to guide property investors to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  This is an ambitious goal that will require a lot of thought and discussion to accomplish. None of which will occur without a core understanding of the guiding principle of this site: That a change in the nature of business is going to cause a dramatic demographic shift. This series of posts starts with the former as means to understand the latter. Accordingly, here is an excerpt from a post by Brian Solis with my thoughts below the fold:

Disruptive technology is the bearer of tremendous opportunity and equally a harbinger of obsolescence. Technology’s impact on society and business is substantial, if not underestimated. As technology continues to become part of everyday life, it becomes disruptive in how people communicate, work, and connect. Continue reading