Who Is More Right The Tea Party Or Occupy? Part 2

"Tea Party or Occupy"In the last post on this series I expounded on the graphic above that I think gives the proper frame for the beginning of a productive discussion concerning some similarities and major differences in regards to the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements. They are similar in that they both are outraged by corporate power and an absolute inability to reign it in. Where they differ is on the root cause of the manipulation of regulations to game the system. Occupiers believe that corporations having too much power is the root and Tea Party believes that the central government having too much power is the root.

Leaving major differences in solutions aside I chose to focus on getting down to the root causes of corporate collusion aided by a manipulation of regulations.  In doing so I went back to the year 1913 and three major initiatives that were enacted by the Progressives at the time to reign in corporate Continue reading

“Liberty not License”: A Invitation For Libertarians To Join The GOP

"Join the GOP"I had an interesting question posed to me on Google+ today:

Why NOT be LIBERTARIAN with Gary Johnson for ONE election?! If you decide you DON’T LIKE Freedom, Prosperity and Peace after Four Years, you can always vote for Tyranny, Poverty and War again four years from now!

My response:(excuse any style, spelling or grammar it was just intended to be a comment)

I think think certain aspects of what Gary Johnson stands in the name of liberty are license in the context that John Locke used those terms. The liberty movement says it wants to get back to the Constitution but forgets that a limited state only exists to secure the inalienable rights expounded on in the Declaration of Independence. Continue reading