This page has two purposes. The first is to provide links to Myebook profile where you can purchase any of the following Ebooks that relate to the topics discussed on this site. The second is to provide a chance below for my readers to give input about what topics that they would like to see for future Ebooks.

Current Ebooks:

3rdWAVElands: For the Earth Will be Filled With the Knowledge of God’s Glory…

History has seen three great waves of change in which investment led to entrepreneurial innovation that culminated in a great demographic shift. One that shook the world to its foundations. The first two were from hunting and gathering to farming and from farming to industry. The third from industry to information is upon us and the result is the tourist spots of yesterday being transformed into the telecommuting hubs of tomorrow. Thus, the concept: 3rdWAVElands. Which was birthed when I read the Bible verse: “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.” This book leaves aside the philosophy behind the concept found elsewhere in this site to explore the theology surrounding the verse.

If you have any ideas on topics for future Ebooks please fill out the form below:

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