On the previous page we discussed the concept of man as the “workmanship of God” and “his property” being the foundation for Western Civilization property rights. On this page we will discuss what it means to protect your Investment.

On the last page we made the case that if one harms your person or possessions, except to preserve himself, he is actually harming God’s property. Why is this? My take is that God made an investment in man when He imparted in man His image. An investment that he expected to bear fruit and multiply. Taken in a literal sense he wanted to see His image in man spread across the earth. Metaphorically one would tend to think of the fruits of the spirit. Point being that in an agrarian society fruit was the profit of ones investment and labor. Meaning that all the goodness of mankind is God’s profit for his investment and labor in creation. If one follows this line of reasoning mankind and their fruit is ultimately God’s property.

How is this relevant to property investment? It is very simple, when one invests the fruit of his labor in a property he has an obligation to God to protect that investment. I hear the naysayers out there readying this quote from Locke, “man in that state have an uncontroulable liberty to dispose of his person or possessions” and imbibe that man can do as pleases with self and possessions. However, one has to read Locke further, “yet he has not liberty to destroy himself, or so much as any creature in his possession.” Locke states this is a “state of liberty not license.” In other words, man has ownership of his person and possessions but has no right to destroy them because they are ultimately God’s. Simply put, man has an obligation to God to protect man’s investments.

What does that mean to property investors? Many things but I would like to highlight a few: 1) The wise investor should understand the theology, philosophy, and history surrounding the Western ideal of property rights  2) The wise investor should use that history to understand the current political climate and all attempts to harm those rights  3) The wise investor will find the right location to invest in based on numbers 1 and 2 above  4) The wise investor will find the time necessary to personally manage their property or the wisdom to find the right someone they can trust to do it for them and do it right without excuse.

Many would think that numbers 1-3 are the most important factors in bearing fruit with their investment. They are dead wrong and this is where many lose money they would otherwise make. If my reading of the Bible and Locke is correct, It is not a “true” investment unless your property is well taken care of. Personal experience has shown us that many of the highest end properties in the most popular tourist destinations are not!!!

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