Can “Indie Capitalism” Restore Free Market Competition?

Keep It LocalI am sure anyone who reads the title to this post will most certainly wonder to themselves, “What is the world is ‘Indie Capitalism'”? I wondered the same today when I came upon the term in a post at Fast Company by Bruce Nussbaum.  Below is the beginning of Nussbaum’s explanation. This is followed by the first of his four reasons why he believes it is the future of capitalism and a few thoughts of my own below the fold:

You won’t learn about it in business school, hear about it from Wall Street, or see it in Palo Alto. But if you spend time in Bushwick, Brooklyn, or on Rivington Street in Manhattan, you just might detect the outlines of an emerging “indie” capitalism. This new form of capitalism is not just about conventional startups and technology and venture capitalists. If you add up all the trends under way today, I believe we are beginning to see the start of something original, and perhaps wonderful. It may prove to be the economic and social antidote to the failed financial capitalism and crony capitalism that no longer delivers economic value in terms of jobs, income, and taxes to the people of this country. Continue reading