On the previous page we discussed the importance of learning history to understand the present. On this page we discuss the importance of using that information to reach out Beyond The Horizon.

Often times many wonder why the Constitution and American Founders have so suddenly and emphatically become a large part of the discussion of how we should move forward as a nation. Some even think of it as regression to bring up the past when they feel it is time to progress forward. This can be a grave mistake. Especially, at a time when one epoch of History is ending and another starts. Why? The old axiom still holds true: Those that do not know their History are doomed to repeat it.  I am sure that many hear that and look back to 1776 to what many believe was the launching of the modern world.

Not us. It is our contention that the day that Christopher Columbus set sail Beyond The Horizon he launched a 500 year epoch of History that is ending as we speak. An epoch dominated by the ideas(many of which were Christian FYI) that Western Civilization has produced. Ideas that Columbus and those that followed him brought to the New World. Some of them impacting it for the better others for the worse. Nonetheless, I defy anyone to say that the era of Exploration did not completely change the world forever.

What very few know is that Columbus and the Spanish were the least likely of all to do it. A man from common birth sailing under the flag of one of the poorest nations in Europe? That’s right many would have predicted that the Portuguese, with all their innovation in shipping industry and history of being “first”, would have been the ones we now read about 500 years later in every History book. So how did Columbus out do them? More or less he went right when the rest of the world was going left. In short, while the Portuguese were patting themselves on the back about all their great explorations sailing up and down the coast of Africa, a man with true vision sailed Beyond The Horizon and changed the world forever.

So what does this have to do with property investment?  Simple, how nice do you think it would have been to be one of the first to invest in property where millions of people were about to move?  Lucky for us that since History does repeat itself and we are on the verge of a new epoch, that same chance is arising again.  The million dollar question is where? We think it logical that the virtual office will free up small business owners to be the first to go as they run their business from afar as they live their vacation in the tourist hot spots.

The million dollar question turns into one worth a billion, likely literally for some, when one  asks which ones? While others are, metaphorically of course, sailing up and down the coast of Africa, we put forward that the discussion surrounding this site just might Guide us Beyond The Horizon to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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