“We Don’t Need Legislators, We Need Statesmen”

We ask 20 questions surrounding social media, the economy, politics, history and property and how each pertains to wise property investment on our “Social Guide to” page. All designed to promote discussion. On this post the focus is politics. More specifically on self-interest vs. greed and the national debt. With that said, I want to introduce my readers to a Congressional candidate from Southwest Florida that has earned his place in any national discussion along these lines. His name is Byron Donalds and the I found the title of this post on his Twitter Profile. Below is some more information about him from an excerpt on his campaign site. I also share some thoughts of my own based on hearing him speak in person:

Byron Donalds is running for U.S. Congress because he still believes in the power of the American People and the future of the American dream. Byron is an experienced leader, a servant of his community and church, and a devout family man. He and his wife Erika have three sons.

He believes that the best path to create a better future for his children is a limited government that values individual liberty and encourages both entrepreneurism and economic growth. Byron is concerned about the unsustainable debt that is being passed to future generations.

Rising from humble beginnings in Brooklyn, New York, Byron Donalds earned a degree in Finance from Florida State University. As an independent thinker, his passion for history and truth ultimately led him to embrace Constitutional Conservatism; the political philosophy that embraces a restrained federal government in order to secure individual liberty and economic freedom and which results in a society that allows all people to improve their lot in life and seek their own interests.

Byron speaks very well for himself here, however, I would like to add a few thoughts of my own. Besides what he states on his Twitter Profile that titles this post, two things jump out to me when I think of Byron. The first is in the above quote where he states he believes, “In a society that allows all people to improve their lot in life and seek their own interests.” The other is answer he gave me to a question I asked him at a BBQ hosted by an organization called GOOOHFL.

Regarding the quote above I think Byron hits on something that needs to be discussed in this nation: Is self-interest a synonym for greed? I do not presume to speak for Byron but I heard enough from him to get pretty good idea about who he is and what he believes. With that said, unless I am missing something, I would say he would answer that self-interest is not greed. I will leave my thoughts on this topic that I would normally share aside. This to allow Byron to fill in the details for himself here if he wishes to, as not to speak for him. I also urge my readers to contact him themselves and give him the chance to answer.  Why? It is your responsibility as citizens to do so and I know he will give a well thought out and heart felt answer.

How do I know this? Because I showed up to the BBQ to hear him out, asked a tough question myself, and got one of the best answers I have ever heard from someone running for office. What was my question? Those of you who have read my Tea Party vs. Occupy series already know: Do you support repealing the constitutional amendment that instituted the income tax? His answer was yes and well explained. Then in an instant he won not only won my vote but my full support represented by this blog post to endorse him. One from an informed and educated citizen who also has a long family history in politics.

The last statement was not intended to elevate myself because I do not think it anything special to be informed politically. It is every citizen’s responsibility. Also, because the family history has nothing to do with me and everything to do with my Grandfather. He was the former famous labor leader, William Winpisinger, who talked Ted Kennedy into running in 1980. He also gave the speech that nominated runner-up Jesse Jackson at the 1988 Democratic National Convention.  On the contrary, I say both things above because I believe an informed citizen’s endorsement is more important than the local paper’s and because I am no dummy when it comes to politics because I have been around it all my life. Meaning that when I say I was truly blessed, inspired, and honored to have heard how he ended his response to my question referred to above I am really saying something.

What did he say? More or less that as much as he thinks taxes are an issue and that (in theory)he would support a repeal of the income tax, if he could work to repeal one amendment it would not be the 16th but the 17th.* Which took away the states responsibility to appoint Senators to Congress and thus their Constitutional role in helping to control the Federal purse strings. A repeal would give citizens a better chance to reign in our outrageous debt in elections closer to home. I would say that time, man, and idea have met. Why? Byron’s answer shows he not only understands political theory he understands FINANCE. As someone who has been in the Real Estate field, I know how important this is for Southwest Florida, and America, right now.

I proudly endorse Byron Donalds to become to represent my interests as part of Florida’s District 19(Lee and Collier Counties) in the United States Congress.

*Note: “In theory” is the way I prefaced the question and the context in which he answered it, both of us knowing that it would be impossible in our current political climate

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1 thought on ““We Don’t Need Legislators, We Need Statesmen”

  1. I have also met Byron Donalds. He spoke at one of our Tea Party meetings and did an excellent job. I too was very impressed with him. I also had the honor of speaking one on one with him and to shake his hand. He is one big dude! Florida also has Trey Radel and between these two bona fide conservatives we can rest easy. I’m leaning towards Trey, but still listening. I received a fabulous email today of live feed from Colorado and would like to share it with you as I have been spreading it like wildfire. An outspoken Priest who was asked to lead thousands in prayer at the Republican convention. I highly recommend viewing it. It is a clear signal, one more time, that the Catholic Church is NOT standing with Obama Liberalism and it is very comforting to know. He talks about property being God’s, just like you have said. Enjoy it and your welcome! 🙂 http://www.stthomasmore.org/parish-clergy/video/invocation

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