“Liberty not License”: A Invitation For Libertarians To Join The GOP

"Join the GOP"I had an interesting question posed to me on Google+ today:

Why NOT be LIBERTARIAN with Gary Johnson for ONE election?! If you decide you DON’T LIKE Freedom, Prosperity and Peace after Four Years, you can always vote for Tyranny, Poverty and War again four years from now!

My response:(excuse any style, spelling or grammar it was just intended to be a comment)

I think think certain aspects of what Gary Johnson stands in the name of liberty are license in the context that John Locke used those terms. The liberty movement says it wants to get back to the Constitution but forgets that a limited state only exists to secure the inalienable rights expounded on in the Declaration of Independence. Locke, and Jefferson that was channeling his thoughts, based rights to life, liberty, and property on one basic premise: man is the workmanship of God and his property. There is more to this but Locke more or less states that we have liberty to dispose of our possessions but no license to destroy them unless in life or death situations to preserve ourselves. Thus ultimately everything is God’s property. Aborting a child is destroying God’s property. License not liberty.

I am not a religious right supporter per se and am not shallow enough to vote on one issue knowing the Bible speaks on many. But I am take issue with Cato or Ayn Rand libertarians in regards to nuances in free market capitalism as well. I subscribe to a right to seek self interest check by the responsibility to love my neighbor. I believe this in within the zone of autonomy taught by the scholastics where there is no black or white directives of biblical nature and each works out his own thoughts.

All topics covered on this site are tied 20 questions it seeks to discuss

But selfish greed unchecked by a general sense of an obligation to love my neighbor turns into corporatism and cancels out the guiding hand Adam Smith talked about. I cannot get into his mind but I know he was a Christian. So I think it safe to say that the guiding hand was God. In others words, the guiding hand works if we choose self interest as described above. It let’s us go off course if we choose selfish greed. If the latter saturates a society long enough that society walks off the cliff and destroys itself.

I have some of the same issues with Ron Paul as well but less of them. I will work with others that I agree with on at least some things in regard to liberty but for now it will still be inside the GOP where God has been welcomed.

Not to say Evangelicals have it totally right because they do not. But I chose a year ago that I will align with them over any group influenced at all by the zealot type of atheists or anarchists.

I read a great article about Ayn Rand vs. Jesus. Google it. There is and has been a split in the liberty movement for years. Until the gap in closed and liberty vs. License is debated it will stay wide open.

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11 thoughts on ““Liberty not License”: A Invitation For Libertarians To Join The GOP

  1. “But selfish greed unchecked….” That paragraph is exactly why Libertarians should heed the advise of the title of this article. Please join the GOP for this presidential election in November. For if you do not and you cast your vote for Paul it is the same as casting a vote for the selfish greed that is the Obama admin. which will result in our society going off the cliff as stated. The last thing we need in this country is more spite and selfishness. Not joining the GOP is just that. Paul can not win for president, he is not even close, he has remained in last place throughout the primaries. If he was a stand up guy like he pretends to be, and if the country is really so dire straight as he claims it to be, and if Obama must be removed which he concurs, then he should step away as the other candidates have done and let the leader have the floor. My gal did not make it either, the nominee has been chosen and it is imperative that we support him regardless of him meeting or not meeting all of our personal criteria. This country will not be re-vamped in this one election. It will take several elections most likely but we must start somewhere. It is my opinion that Paul would be much better serving our new admin. in one of our monetary divisions. That is his strongest area and our biggest concern. Libertarians should be sending Paul this message and pushing for him to be a part of the republican cabinet of the new administration we vote in. The guiding hand of God is showing you how to pursue self interest, join the GOP, there is strength in numbers and we need that strength to save this great country. I pray you will not let us down on Nov. 6, 2012.

  2. The following article by David Stockman a Conservative Republican who was the Director of the Office of Management and Budget under Ronald Reagan (1981–1985) lays out a clear argument as to why the American people should distance themselves from the GOP.

    “IF there were such a thing as Chapter 11 for politicians, the Republican push to extend the unaffordable Bush tax cuts would amount to a bankruptcy filing. ”


    • In your opinion what does the liberal democratic robbing through taxation and spending beyond ability to re-pay add up to? Worse then chapter 11, prison time buddy. Marx went insane. He was committed. The point to be seen in all this is simply that Capitalism does not go away. It is an indestructable entity of commerce and trade. What changes is the drivers. I will not waste my time reading anything with marx, but any examples he may give about capitalism being doomed to fail is because of the government, not the free market. Use your logical mind sir. The EU is collapsing under socialism. Socialism has been proven to be step one on the path to communism of which marxism is step two. They have to convince you it is better and spin it all around or you will never get on their boat. Once you are there it will become the nightmare they explain to you as free market capitalism. Why would we want to be controled? I don’t understand this. I hate the banks too. Hate them, yes, their business practices are horrible, their CEO’s get way too much gain on our dime. But the government lets them. Don’t you see, in business we can only do what is permitted. We must follow a tax code. That is the blue print. Then the company operates off that blueprint. The tax code applies to all people but has different catagories in it depending on amounts of money, but the basic starting points are the same. If the banks & their CEO’s are operating so inhumanly, then why isn’t the government making laws to change that? We are the payers, they get the money from us. The answer is, the government is making new laws, every day with this crazy guy we have now, things keep getting worse. Because they make the laws in their favor because they are the Rule Makers. Our system of government is supposed to make we the people the Rule Makers. That is what is wrong. They are stealing that power away from us because we don’t want them and they need us to pay. Follow the money my friend, that always tells the tale. If things were left to the free market system truely, then the market takes care of itself through people and their free will. If you can chose, you will chose what is best for you. If you can not chose and are forced ( like we are now ) to use one entity for your needs it does not make you happy and usually does not work well and you still have to buy it because you are forced to. By people chosing to pay for the better choice puts the bad guy out of business. Works every time. If we were not forced to use one of the 5 biggest banks out there, we would not. We would go look for a bank that offers better business practices, this is called competition and if you offer sales and/or better service you get the business. The government is forcing Ma & Pa banks & Ma & Pa small businesses out of business every day through legislation. This eliminates competition and creates too big to fail businesses because only the “strongest” ( richest ) will survive the fees and fines to do business. Then if they’re the only ones and they are the rule makers, they can do whatever they want to you because you have no other CHOICE. A monoply on the market so they are the only ones, an insurance policy to receive all the business. Isn’t that obvious? That is what socialism is, a monopoly of the market by only one means, and the means is owned by the government. Socialism is the Federal Government as the Capitalist. That’s all, still have capitalism but now only they play and we just pay. God gave man Free Will, why is ok for the government to take that away from us? Shame on you and those who support a government as their God. It is the wrong choice, very bad karma. Who are the Rule Makers Mike? That is who you target your prostest at, the Rule Makers who are corrupt, they must be removed, not our system of government, the rule makers are bad. Joe once told me not to throw the baby out with the bath water, in this case that statement is tangible.

      • Dawn stated:

        “If you can not chose and are forced ( like we are now ) to use one entity for your needs it does not make you happy and usually does not work well and you still have to buy it because you are forced to. By people chosing to pay for the better choice puts the bad guy out of business. Works every time. If we were not forced to use one of the 5 biggest banks out there, we would not.”

        I totally agree. We have options but very limited ones.

    • Mike,

      You are looking at the wrong side of the coin. Without the Federal trough that the corporations feed off we would not have these problems. It is the implementation of the income tax, creation of the FED, and taking away the appointment of Senators from the states that created this mess. It allowed the moneyed interested to consolidate the Federal government to their own ends and removed one of the greatest barriers to it by robbing the states of their check upon it. The principle of federalism was violated to such a point we strayed off course and are in danger of sailing off cliff at some point if we do not get back on course.

  3. @nilvehsd
    “I will not waste my time reading anything with marx,”

    LOL this shows how truly ignorant you are. You might want to do a “little homework” and understand Marx’s work on capitalism. All major economists study Marx.

    How Marx Matters Today

    There is sometimes a tendency to discount Marx because some of the predictions he made about the next stage of capitalism (and communism) did not come to pass. True enough, Marx was a brilliant social theorist, but he wasn’t a prophet. But many of Marx’s most fundamental insights into the nature of modern capitalism still help us understand the capitalist system we live in today. His argument that capitalism is prone to regular crises rings true in relation to events like the recent global economic meltdown. While we almost certainly will continue to live in a capitalist as opposed to a communist economic world, it is an economic system that increasingly relies on the intervention and support of political institutions like the state (bailouts, anyone?) to keep it afloat, much as Marx predicted. And, of course, you only have to turn on your television, flip through a fashion magazine, or take a stroll through New York’s Times Square to recognize how strongly we continue to fetishize commodities. It is Marx’s still unparalleled insights into the nature of capitalism that continue to make him one of the most important social theorists of our time.


    • I think Marx had some serious flawed philosophy but he is worth reading in the sense that he was a great thinker that impacted the world. For the worst I believe but still worth knowing and understanding what he thought and why>

      • I have read some of it Joe, that is how I know it is insane. Not interested in reading anymore. I do not like to read stuff that bothers me. It is wrong and Marx was insane. No need to go any further with it, it has NOTHING to do with our country and that is all there is to it. We are not that and we are not changing to that. So no thank you. Have a good day.

      • Seems to be that you are the one talking regurgitated BS – Just MORE links! Still can’t speak on your own. It is hillarious!!!! You are pathetic. Marx has NOTHING to do with America. NOTHING. You still have not answered me on why those who live in marxism/communism are building rafts in the middle of the night and floating across the ocean with no food in hopes of reaching U.S soil to be able to stay here and NOT to return to their communism countries. Why is that happening if your demented Marx is so wonderful? Did you not study that part? That is a fact, not a talking point. It happens every day, what do they tell you the reason is for that? You are in need of studying the laws of your own land or like I said earlier, move to these countries if that is what you want. Your mentally institutionalized marx is not wanted here in America, you have to go to China or Russia or Cuba or Mexico or S.America or Iran or Syria or Palestine to live in marx/islam land. That is why you & OWS are losing in America – Because marx was not a great thinker, he was insane. Hello!! Do you always take advise from people who are mentally ill?! LOL. Our U.S Constitution was written by men of faith. Marx was an atheist. The doors of the Supreme court have the Ten Commandments written on them. The walls inside have Moses carved into them, our money says In GOD We Trust. It is everywhere so you can see when you are being lied to. But you still do not see. We see. I do not read the words of satan. I read the words of Jesus our Lord. He is not happy with you or marx. You shall see that I am correct.

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