How Social Media Is Changing The Face of Business

The story-line told across the tabs of the pages above ends with the ambition of this site to guide property investors to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  This is an ambitious goal that will require a lot of thought and discussion to accomplish. None of which will occur without a core understanding of the guiding principle of this site: That a change in the nature of business is going to cause a dramatic demographic shift. This series of posts starts with the former as means to understand the latter. Accordingly, here is an excerpt from a post by Brian Solis with my thoughts below the fold:

Disruptive technology is the bearer of tremendous opportunity and equally a harbinger of obsolescence. Technology’s impact on society and business is substantial, if not underestimated. As technology continues to become part of everyday life, it becomes disruptive in how people communicate, work, and connect. The evolution of society and technology happens with or without adaptation or understanding. And, it’s contributing to a very real phenomenon of Digital Darwinism, a situation where organizations are faced with a need to adapt to markets and customer behavior or risk a loss in favor, competitive advantage or worse, irrelevance.

All topics covered on this site are tied 20 questions it seeks to discuss

There is a lot said here in these few words but one sentence grabbed my attention, “As technology continues to become part of everyday life, it becomes disruptive in how people communicate, work, and connect.” My intent is to expound on all three within the context of social media disruption relating to how small businesses conduct business, starting with communication.  There is a lot to cover here in many posts to come but I would like to leave you with something to think about. How many small businesses in your area have a website connected to Facebook or Twitter? The answer is the beginning point to any discussion of relevance…

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